Water Damage Photo Gallery

Big Job at Hand

SERVPRO had a big water damage at hand but the SERVPRO crew got it done in no time. With the skill the crew has and the state of the arc equipment we have the job was finished in no time. 

Extracting the Water

In this photo, one of our SERVPRO members from the crew is seen extracting water from a carpet. Over at SERVPRO of South Burlington County we care about the home owners home. 

Water From Above

Whenever you have a water damage upstairs, make sure to always check the floor/ceiling below. Water always tends to drip and soak down causing havoc throughout your home or business. 

Water Heater Problems

When responding to a water damage emergency, we begin with a detailed inspection of your home or business. A lot of water damages we respond to at someones house are usually caused by water heaters. 

Ceiling Containment Water Loss

This photo shows a ceiling containment after a water loss. The containment allows us to keep the heat locked into the specific affected area for a more efficient drying time. Over here at SERVPRO of South Burlington County we care. 

Saving The Hardwood!

After buying all new hardwood floor the home owners got a massive water damage. Over at SERVPRO we saved their flooring by containing it. Over at SERVPRO of South Burlington County we believe in trying to restore before anything needs to be replaced.