What our Customers say...


Great team, very efficient & responsive. I really liked their service. I called them on Monday for some help regarding a small fire in my kitchen. Sean is a nice & friendly guy & he inspected my home on Tuesday, sent me a good quote (not as expensive as I feared it might be)  by evening. Next day (Wednesday) he sent his crew to clean my place. Tayler is highly trained & a skillful lady who did an amazing job cleaning everything in detail. She also gave me a handy tip on how to get it repainted at a lesser cost. Thursday Sean comes in and picks up the Negative Air filter which they left for the remnant air to get all cleared. THANK YOU guys, u are all so awesome... U made it all back to normal in just 4 days. I am so happy!

SERVPRO handled the clean-up for a laundry room fire at my mom's home.  The team was incredible.  Sean handled the bulk of the coordination for the entire clean-up effort and he was awesome.  He was very professional, yet compassionate and understanding given the situation.  Monica was also great - she personally handled a good amount of the cleaning effort and was also very professional and understanding during the entire process.  This company is a class act, can't thank them enough!

It was a big project the SERVPRO crew had at task and they did great! Thank you! 

Great crew they have. 

My husband saw signs of mold in our house so we called SERVPRO. They did an excellent job. 

My house was starting to smell weird so I called Sean from SERVPRO and he sure enough found mold. If I hadn't called Sean any sooner the situation would have been a whole lot worse. 

During a storm, lighting hit a tree branch and caused it to hit my house. SERVPRO were very helpful and helped me and my family out a lot. 

My son left his window open when there was a storm. The crew over at SERVPRO were very kind and did a great job fixing the damage caused by the storm and my son. 

Joey and Sean stopped by my house and gave me a free estimate. They were kind and I did not waste my money by paying for an estimate from some other company. 

The SERVPRO crew were very professional and kind to me and my family. I could not have asked for better service. 

Before I this water damage I had no previous knowledge about SERVPRO at all. While they were at my house they were very patient with me and told me what they were doing step by step to ensure my comfortability with the process. 

Sean and Joey both came to inspect any signs of mold in the business I worked at and the tests came back positive...I mean there was even fungus growing on the walls! Thankfully because of them and the SERVPRO Crew the mold was gone in no time. 

I found SERVPRO when I was suffering a fire loss and looked for immediate help. I found them on their website and looked into their blog posts. I trusted what they had said and I couldn't be any happier. They truly know what they are doing!

Throughout the duration of the job, the on-site staff was knowledgeable and took the time to explain the task ahead. I would absolutely recommend SERVPRO to my friends and family. Connor and Nick were very helpful and friendly to my family and I.  

I am so impressed with the job Tayler and Mike have done on my carpets. They got wet from a roof leak. They are both very professional and they have cared that I be satisfied with the job they've done. An I am exceedingly satisfied. I'm very impressed with your employees. Both are hard working and very polite. Thank you!

Excellent service from an on-the-ball, locally owned company! I discovered a major leak in my new business at 9 am from a rain storm the night before, the SERVPRO crew was on site within the hour. After what I expected to be a major disaster, they made quick work of mitigating the issue with great ease. I couldn't recommend this company enough with their great, knowledgeable staff! Thanks, SERVPRO!

I am over pleased/happy/satisfied with the great work and attention I received during my first ever (and hopefully last) water damage at my salon from flooding during the storm. Not knowing what to expect, amount of time I would need to be closed, or what I would be required to do was very stressful.
Sean and his crew came in and made quick work of the demolition and assured me they would take care of everything. Epuipment was set up to dry everything out for 4 days and Sean was amazing to work with. Always willing to work with me and get his information quickly when at the salon. As my husband and our friend were laying the new floor an issue was uncovered. Remembering we are all human and things happen, I made calls and the next day Sean was there to get noted what needed to be done to get me all back on track. Within the week, working around my salon being open daily, they had the demo finished and everything cleaned up and ready to roll again. I was so thankful and appreciative of the timely resolution and true apology for any inconvenience. I would recommend Sean and SERVPRO of South Burlington County any day when a disaster happens. My mind was eased and the event less stressful knowing they had my best interest at heart. Thank you a million!

My husband and I recently had our lower level flooded die to a major storm the rocked the east coast. We were devastated by the destruction and immediately called SERVPRO. Sean Wheeler and his team arrived shortly after our call. You can be so proud of Mike, Connor, Randal, Joe, Tayler, Chris, and Steve They are wonderful employees and go beyond what is expected. I feel strongly in speaking up when someone does a great job! Please Thank them again for dealing with our frustration and helping to restore our condo so reconstruction can take place and we can go back to enjoying our vacation home.

I woke up to a basement full of about 10" of standing water in my office building. After experiencing repeated re-schedules from another water extraction company, I finally gave up on them and called SERVPRO late on a Friday evening. Sean, the general manager, answered my call promptly, took all my information down and had 2 men at my place within a couple hours that same night. They worked efficiently and promptly and my basement was pumped out and starting to dry out within hours. 

The follow up over the next few days was excellent - they were very communicative and courteous throughout the entire process, were very thorough about followup, and showed up promptly when they said they would. 

Everything was handled to the utmost professionalism and efficiency. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them again.

We had customers fighting in our store which resulted in blood on the sales floor. Until everything was cleaned up we had to close our doors--not good. SERVPRO of South Burlington County arrived within an hour of being called and had everything cleaned and inventoried same day so we could reopen. Very stressful situation but their crew was professional and thorough in their work and gave us peace of mind knowing everything was taken care of. Thank you!!

They were very responsive and very pragmatic in how they went about pricing and doing the job on my fire. Other bids I received were loaded to the hilt and would have cost 4 times what was appropriate for the perceived damage. It turned out I only needed preventive measures that were common sense that the layman would understand..

There crew was always on-time, knowledgeable and thorough and did not try to sell excess procedures.

They also did my rebuild and its looks great I highly recommend this company!!!!!

I work for a property management company and SERVPRO of South Burlington County is my preferred choice in remediation companies for all my commercial properties. They are safety-conscious, knowledgeable, and do a great quality of work upon which I and my entire clientele can depend. I work closely with Sean Wheeler on a lot of projects and He has saved my homeowners out of a lot of grief. Thanks SERVPRO!

I had recently discovered a water/mold problem in my master bathroom. I called a mold treatment company first, and they came out with some random tests and gave me an estimate that'd cost over $5000. Since the inspection was fairly sloppy and incomplete, I decided to get a second opinion and found SERVPRO of South Burlington County on Yelp. There is a reason they are highly rated.
I first worked with Sean who inspected the issue thoroughly including going under the crawl space. He then sent two of their technicians - Randal and Tayler to treat the mold infected area. They are incredibly professional and courteous and answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly. Today, Sean and his partner Joe came back out to inspect the work and concluded that the treatment is complete and effective.
It's quite refreshing to work with someone that you can trust knowing that they have your interest in mind. I highly recommend them

One day I was cooking dinner for my family and went outside to cut the grass. I thought I could finish the lawn in time but before I knew it my house was on fire. I thought I lost that house forever until the SERVPRO team came and made it look like it never even happened. 

My house suffered from a severe water damage and mold started to grow everywhere. Not only were the employees that came into  my home respectful but they took their job seriously. 

SERVPRO was very fast to respond to my urgent need of mold remediation due to my family health. They took care of it in a timely manner so my family and I could move back in. Thank you so much for your great service!

The SERVPRO team was professional and on time. Great Work!

The SERVPRO team of south burlington New jersey was very professional, prompt and polite. We will recommend them to all our friends and family. We were out of house due to a fire and they had us back in our house with in a week!

They were very quick to respond to my water damage. Was there with in an hour after my first call. They came out and were able to save my hardwood floor. I never would have thought this could have been done.

SERVPRO was very polite and professional. They worked with a hygienist and met all his needs. They past his test on the first try clearing my house of mold. Thank you for all your help and will use you guys in the future if need be.

Very professional, quick, neat and clean. We will use SERVPRO again.

Very very very clean. The guys sealed off the other rooms for dust control while removing the wet sheetrock and carpet. They were polite and prompt.

The crew was on site with an hour of phone call. I never had such great service on such a horrible time for my family. They met and went beyond all my needs. We will def. use them in the future if need be. Thanks for all you help.

Professional, clean, prompt, polite. They put booties over there shoes when they came into my house. I was very impressed with there quality in work.

They all were very prompt and polite. They were quick to respond and very discrete with the cleaning of my mothers house. Will recommend to all my family and friends.

SERVPRO did a excellent job on cleaning my home. It looks better than it looked before the fire. They did a great job cleaning up the fire damage as well as rebuilding the top part of my home. They put in many upgrades for me and I couldn't be happier with the craftsmanship. Thank you

SERVPRO was quick to respond to my disaster in my home. I was scared to call at 11PM but they showed up within an hour. They worked through the night to get my home back to living condition. I couldn't have been any happier. Sean and his crew did a great job and will recommend them to all my friends and family to come.

I had a major flood in my store from the back creek. SERVPRO came right away and got me up in running with in couple days, I could not believe it. They did such a great job cleaning my store and they saved my business.